Interesting food choices *fancypants*

Let’s face it – food is pretty much the best thing in the world. You, literally, cannot live without it. And sometimes you just forget how awesome it is because you don’t have time to appreciate the fuel of the digestive system. Well, here to help, some fancy pants food creations, that are, of course, dominated by sugary stuff (Lazy foodie, duh). So feast your eyes and then your tummies!

Want this weird looking pasta with sausages? Just stab the cut sausages before you boil the whole thing. Uncooked past will pierce those badboys nice and smoothly.


Awwww, dead fish on an egg for breakfast. Isn’t that any little goth’s dream. Get creative with dem fried eggs!iN6YbodVPN8

Or, you know, make a big-ass octopus from the sausage and unleash it on your loved one’s meal. Appreciation for violence guaranteed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ok, now this is LEGEN wait for it DARY. If i ever get into sports and there’s a Super Bowl or a Mega Plate or a Crazy Teacup – this is definitely my food table arrangement!


Moving on to some rainbow fruit canape that is so adorable I can see Unicorns in my backyard. Oh wait, no, just Rugby players beating each other.


 Now this is a must, not sure about the eating it part but it looks soooo gooood.


Pears that are shaped? Gimme ten!SwhxGAxnDz0

Back to sugar! Perfect X-mas edible spoons; skull shaped sugar “cubes”; dessert made with the help of mini-baloons; awesome looking cupcakes!

5qoDM09FKMU 3812105-R3L8T8D-650-21a1265905167_a684c72b6b25  hd1pUrXGnY0  nnaaIbRsV7g   skeletoncupcakes14  

Let’s not forget about the cold goodies! Especially that rainbow caked baked into an ice-cream cone!

TQfhkMjOnlgRainbow Cake baked into an Ice Cream Cone

And final touch – fancy pantsy ice cubes with roses. Yes, very romantic.


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